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Alfya Academy

Personalised Pouch with Embroidery

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Bond with your family, friends and loved ones over this sewing project. This starter project is a functional pouch with a zipper, personalised embroidery and a boxy base! 

Trust us, this project was tried and tested by non-crafters - boyfriends and husbands included. Bring your friends, lover and family, the more the merrier. Psst... you can even hold a birthday party with this as a part of the itinerary. 

Duration: 2 hours x 1 workshop = 2 hours

Pencil Case/Pouch is a simple project which requires sewing of zipper and joining of sides. We'll prepare the embroidery for you using our factory-grade embroidery machine. Voila, you're done :) 

* People with no sewing background are welcomed. Sewing machines will be pre-threaded.