Following the footsteps of Alfya (read our story here), Alfya Tailoring & Alteration launched its services in March 2017. Heavily influenced by traditional Malay cultural value and contemporary designs, we aim to create beautifully crafted one-off pieces just for you. Feel free to take charge in the designing process, let us figure the technical aspects for you. 

From festive Eid sets for the whole family to bridal wear, engagement outfits, bridesmaid/bestmens packages to casual suits and eveningwear, we do them all. We once altered a sky-diving suit and a Mens Baju Kurung inspired by Resurrection: Ertugrul – a popular TV series based on the Ottoman Empire – so, look no further! We might have what you have been looking for.

Our price starts from $130 for a basic baju kurung, non-inclusive of materials. To get a quotation, whatsapp Mdm Khai (+65 9833 0885) or drop us an email at hello@alfyaatelier.sg.

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