Choosing & Booking of Sewing Classes

I have zero experience in sewing and drafting, can I sign up for your classes? 
You have to sign up for our starter class Intro To Sewing Machine for $20 only before scheduling other beginners classes. Our trainers will guide you from scratch on how to use the sewing machine & the different types of stitches in Intro To Sewing Machine. 

How do I book classes?

1) Website. You can choose the courses you are interested in. Select the date and time then proceed to payment to secure your booking.

2) Instagram. You drop us a message or any enquiry about the classes. You can make a payment to secure your booking. 

3) Events. We have pop-ups every 2-3 months. You can enquire, book & make your payment all at once. There might be special promotions during the events so keep a lookout!


How do I know if my booking is successful? 

Payment has to be made within 24hrs upon booking. We will drop you a welcome email to confirm your class, within 5 days after payment. If payment is still not in after email and message reminder, booking will be void. If you book a class 1 day before the class date, you can whatsapp Lina (+65 9826 8385) to check your booking status. 

What are the classes available?

You can see our list of courses here.

If I don’t see a class that I am interested in, may I suggest or place a request?

Yes, you may! Please contact us for any enquiry regarding new classes you wish to learn and we will try our best to accommodate to your request.

Can I book a private class?

Yes, it is possible! Please contact us if you need more info on booking private classes for you and your friends/colleagues. We can quote a special package price for you.