Tailoring Orders FAQs

Do you take tailoring orders?

Yes, we do take in tailoring orders. You can book an appointment with Mdm Khai (+65 9833 0885) via WhatsApp to discuss about design and get your measurements taken. 


Is it possible for you to take tailoring orders from customer's place? 

Yes, it is possible! We could go over to your place to get your orders at a minimal fee. 


How much time does it take for a set of garment to be completed? 

Due to covid, you can send in your orders 2 months in advance. If your design is more elaborate with added trimmings and hand-stitching (e.g, bridalwear and special occasions), it will take a longer time. It is best to consult us right after you have the date of the occasion. 


How long does it take for my alteration orders to be completed? 

1 week, depending on the complexity of your alteration. 


Do you take customised bridesmaid & bestmen outfits? 

Yes, we do. Package prices are available upon request. 


Are there trimmings available to add on to my outfits? 

Yes, we have a variety of lace and sequins trimmings. You can request to view them during your consultation. 


Do you take custom bags/non-apparel orders?

Yes, we do take in custom non-apparel orders as well. You can send to us your design, quantity and completion date to get a quotation.