Limitations of Embroidery

How much do you charge for embroidery? 

Every design needs to be digitised (the process of converting existing artwork into stitch file) so that our embroidery machine could read it. Conversion starts from $15 for non-complicated designs. Then, we charge $5 per 1000 stitches.


What is the file format you accept for conversion?

The best would be PDF or AI, followed by JPEG, PNG and BMP. Please ensure your image is of high-quality and clear. 


My original artwork has 20 colours. Are you able to cater to that?

The maximum amount of colours per design is only 8. Colours may not be true to artwork as we cannot customise the thread colour (as compared to how you do it on screen). Do allow one to two shades difference.


I want to embroider one artwork in 2 different sizes, do I have to pay only once for the digitising? 

We charge $5 per size change. For e.g, conversion for size A costs $20. You’ll need to top up $5 for us to convert into size B. We can’t simply resize from one stitch file as it causes distortion.


What is the smallest size of artwork are you able to embroider? 

We will need to test out smaller sizes first. If the size is too small, the end product might have threads bunching up at the back.


Is it possible to embroider small wordings? 

If your wordings are too fine/thin, it might not appear as well on the embroidered product. 


Is it possible to embroider shoes?

Unfortunately, we don't embroider shoes.