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Alfya Academy

Fun Zip Pouch For Parent & Child

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Is it your dream to sew with son/daughter*? This parent and child sewing class is for you. You can draw and let your child cut. You can press the foot paddle while your child holds the fabric. Teamwork makes the dream work! This Fun Zip Pouch project is a simple project suitable for beginners. Attaching zipper on pouch, adding on creative touches to personalize your very own pouch, it's a meaningful and practical hand-made pouch for your little one to use for school!

*Please note that your child needs to be a minimum age of 7 years old with an accompanying adult.

If you have no sewing experience, you (one parent) are required to sign up for Intro to Sewing Machine class first.

Duration: 3 hours x 1 lesson = 3 hours

What you’ll be learning/doing:

  • Understanding seam allowance, cutting and pinning of fabric 
  • Attaching zipper 
Materials Needed (Optional*):
  • Half yard of Felt
  • Some additional coloured felt
  • 1 x 8" Zipper
* All sewing tools & materials will be provided. However, our fabric options are quite limited. If you would like to to bring your own materials, feel free to do so.