Space Rental T&C

1. Full payment must be made by Vendor to Alfya Atelier LLP 5 days upon receiving the invoice. If no payment is received, we have the rights to release your bookings.


2. We do accept last minute bookings according to your event (e.g, your event doesn’t require any catering or add-on services from us). Payment has to be made before the event date. For last minute bookings, in an event where there is another booking, priority will be given to the vendor who paid. 


3. Please send a copy of the transaction receipt and quote the invoice number to Mdm Latifah @ 9632 0301 for proof of payment done.


4. If you wish to cancel your booking 1 month before the event date, we can refund you 70% of the booking fee. For last minute cancellation, strictly no refunds will be given.


5. For all bookings, we require a safety deposit of $50 which has to be made on the day of the event. Upon good care for all equipments and space, deposit will be refunded to you 24 hours later. 


6. If you require manpower from us to arrange tables and chairs according to your set up, there will be a service fee of $100.


7. $50 cleaning fee is required for all bookings.


8. Set-up and tear down should be done within your rented timing. There is a 15 mins grace period before and after your booked timing.


9. In the event that you may want to extend your hours, please inform us via email asap, so we can check availability. If you exceed your booked timing, you will be charge at $35/hr (non-peak) and $50/hr (peak).


10. Vendors are to keep the area clean and ensure that all waste disposal is done proper (all to be thrown outside at the main rubbish bin facing the roadside).


11. Please arrange back the settings of the tables & chairs to the default layout.


12. Please ensure that your customers/students do not enter restricted areas such as our counter, office and cafe counter space.


13. Please ensure that belongings are kept properly. Alfya Atelier LLP will not be responsible for any loss of items.


14. Alfya Atelier LLP reserve the rights to change or add any of the Terms & Conditions at any point of time where applicable.