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Alfya Academy

Ruffles Skirt (Made to Measure)

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For those who are tired of buying ready-made patterns and having to alter to fit your size, this one’s for you. We start by taking your own body measurements. You’ll be able to construct a ruffles skirt from scratch. Instead of using ready-made paper patterns, believe it or not, this ruffles skirt is just made out of many rectangle fabric pieces. Everything is formularised and will be explained to you easily by our trainers. Comfort is key with this piece! 

If you have no sewing experience, you are required to sign up for Intro to Sewing Machine class first.

Duration: 3 hours x 3 lessons = 9 hours

What you’ll be learning:

  • Understanding Drafting Terms (masterplan, paper patterns, grain line, seam allowances)
  • In-depth Measurement Taking Techniques
  • Understanding seam allowance, cutting and pinning of fabric 
  • Ruffles making technique & adding waistband 
  • Double-fold hemming technique 

Materials Needed (Optional*): 

- 5 yards (45" width) OR 3 yards (60" width) of cotton fabric

* All sewing tools & materials will be provided. However, our fabric options are quite limited. If you would like to to bring your own materials, feel free to do so.