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Alfya Academy

Boys Shorts (Template Provided)

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Elasticated boys shorts is always a go-to apparel for young boys who likes to run around freely. Imagine knowing how to make this essential piece, you can just duplicate them in many different prints and colours. Come and join our Essential Sewing Techniques for Beginners Series — Kids Apparel Series! Paper patterns will be provided for all projects. Just pick your size and you’re ready to start! This is especially great if you want to sew apparels but you are not sure if pattern-making is for you. Start slow and enjoy the sewing process.

NOTE: The sizes available for Boy Shorts is Size 1 to Size 10 (Hip: 52cm-82cm). Please measure your child beforehand and email us at in this format:

"Full name (as per booking): 

Course: ESTB-KA4 Boy Shorts
Hip Measurements: ___cm"

If you have no sewing experience, you are required to sign up for Intro to Sewing Machine class first.

Duration: 3 hours x 2 lessons = 6 hours

What you’ll be learning:
  • Understanding seam allowance, cutting and pinning of fabric
  • Basic measurement taking techniques
  • Understanding paper patterns
  • Hemming
    Materials Needed (Optional*): 
    • 1 yard light-weight woven cotton fabric (45"/60" Width) 

    * All sewing tools & materials will be provided. However, our fabric options are quite limited. If you would like to to bring your own materials, feel free to do so.