You already have experience drafting basic tops and bottoms but would like to go up another level. Learn how to sew men's kurta top with placket opening and slit which can be paired with the second project - men's trousers with fly opening. Select dates that best fit your schedule without worrying about commitment!


Projects you'll be doing: 


If you have no sewing experience, sign up for Intro to Sewing Machine class for $20 only.


All sewing tools & materials will be provided. If you still want to bring your own materials, you can check the list under 'Materials To Bring'.


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Intermediate Apparel Package 2

$606.00 Regular Price
$578.00Sale Price
Men's Kurta Top
Men's Trousers
  • Men's Kurta Top: 

    • 3 yards (45"/60” width of cotton fabric)
    • 4 buttons (approx. 1.5cm diameter)

    Men's Trousers: 

    • 4 yards (45"/60” width of cotton fabric)
    • 1 pair of hook and eye 
    • 6" normal zipper 


    - Please bring a woven cotton, non-stretchy medium weight material as it is much easier to sew than stretchy (eg: jersey and lycra knits) and lightweight (eg: chiffon and soft silk) fabric. 

    - Do not buy expensive fabric. Go for fabrics which are $4-$6 per yard. Suggested budget: $20 for all items in the list.

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