Presenting to you a special series where we collaborate with creatives from different industry to present you a one-day workshop in which you’ll learn 2 completely different skills! This is great for anyone who would like to try out new skills. All our workshops are suitable for beginners. 


First workshop: Making Facial Soap

In collaboration with Dewi and Soap, you’ll learn how to make a beautiful facial soap with lots of benefits for the skin. Lavender, tea tree and litsea are just a few of the products you’ll be using for the facial soap. You’ll also learn the many ways to decorate your facial soap using dried flowers, lemon zest and more! 


Second workshop: Sewing Eco-friendly Facial Pads

Reduce, reuse and recycle is always the way to save the earth and reduce wastage! It’s time to get on the movement and minimise wastage of disposable facial pads by making an eco friendly facial pads made of cotton and fleece. 


About Dewi & Soap

The brand Dewi & Soap hopes to bring handmade soaps into the homes of many families here in Singapore. Specialising in personalised soaps for daily use and for commemorating special events, D&S also believes in expensing soapmaking knowledge to every family who have experienced the quality of D&S soaps and desires to know how to make these soaps safely and legally in Singapore. 

Facial Soap & Eco-friendly Facial Pads

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