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Location of Alfya Atelier Studio

We're located at 28 Senang Crescent, BizHub 28, #06-08, Singapore 416601. Click here for more information on how to get there.

Choosing & Booking of Classes

I have zero experience in sewing and drafting, can I sign up for your classes? You have to sign up for our starter class Intro To Sewing Machine for $20 only before scheduling other beginners classes. Our trainers will guide you from scratch on how to use the sewing machine & the different types of stitches in Intro To Sewing Machine. How do I book classes?
1) Website. You can choose the courses you are interested in. Select the date and time then proceed to payment to secure your booking. 2) Instagram. You drop us a message or any enquiry about the classes. You can make a payment to secure your booking. 3) Events. We have pop-ups every 2-3 months. You can enquire, book & make your payment all at once. There might be special promotions during the events so keep a lookout! How do I know if my booking is successful? Payment has to be made within 24hrs upon booking. We will drop you a welcome email to confirm your class, within 5 days after payment. If payment is still not in after email and message reminder, booking will be void. If you book a class 1 day before the class date, you can whatsapp Lina (+65 9826 8385) to check your booking status. What are the classes available?
You can see our list of courses here. If I don’t see a class that I am interested in, may I suggest or place a request?
Yes, you may! Please contact us for any enquiry regarding new classes you wish to learn and we will try our best to accommodate to your request. Can I book a private class?
Yes, it is possible! Please contact us if you need more info on booking private classes for you and your friends/colleagues. We can quote a special package price for you.


Can I pay the course fee in instalment? Yes, you can. However, that option is not available on our website. It is only available via Instagram DM, whatsapp & events. You can make your first deposit when you register for class and the subsequent payments just has to be paid before the class commences. If you decide to cancel your registration in the midst of the instalment plan, no refund will be given. What payment modes do you accept?
Here are the payment modes available:
1) Credit and Debit Card via PayPal
2) i-Banking to DBS Current Account 003-947487-3 3) Paynow to UEN 53357807L Alfya Atelier Afterwards, you can screenshot the transaction proof and send it over to us via email ( or whatsapp Lina (+65 9826 8385) stating your full name & invoice no. We'll follow up with you from there. Do you accept cash?
Yes, only if you register at our location or our pop up booths. If you’re booking online, a booking fee must be paid online before class commences. Do you accept cheque?
We do not accept cheques.

Reschedule Class, No-show & Refund Policy

I have made a booking but I wish to change date. How can I do so?
This applies to our one-time and short series classes. If you cannot make it for class, please contact our trainers to reschedule your classes 7 days before class commences. We will slot you into the next available batch. You can only reschedule your class once. For last minute (same day) reschedule notice and subsequent reschedules, there will be a fee of $10. Regardless, you must complete class 2 months from date of 1st class otherwise class will be forfeited.
I want to reschedule class but I am not able to come for the next available batch. Can I opt to come on another non-class date based on my availability? We are able to open a make-up class specially for you. There will be a fee of $15/hr on top of the course fee. I cannot come for class due to emergency/sickness at the very last minute. Can I postpone the class even with a same day notice? We only allow postponing of class due to emergency and sickness, supported by documents (e.g, death in family, medical certificate, etc). If it is not supported by documents, there will be a fee of $10. What if I did not turn up for class, can I request for a refund?
A no-show on actual class day without valid reason and documentation proof will result in a forfeit of funds and no refunds will be given. Can I change the course that I have booked for another one?
Yes, you can but please contact our staff to make the change 7 days before class commences. If the class fee you have booked is higher than the one you want to change to, the balance of funds cannot be refunded. Can I change the course that I have booked for another one without prior notice? For requests to change course without 7days prior notice, you'll need to pay an additional fee of 20% of first course on top of the top-up difference (if course is higher than first course). For e.g, changing course 1 ($70) to course 2 ($100), you'll need to pay a difference of $30 + 20% of course 1($14). If I have signed up for a series class and I cannot attend one of the lessons, is it possible to attend make-up?
Yes, please discuss with our trainers beforehand to make arrangements for make up. Make up classes are only allowed once, upon trainers’ availability & confirmation. Charges of $15/hr will be applied for subsequent make up classes. Your make up classes will only be valid 2 months after your last attendance or your class end date, depending on which is earlier. If I have signed up for a series class but I have to stop halfway or unable to attend at all, can I get a refund?
No refunds will be issued for all courses.

Preparation For Class

Do I need to bring anything for class? You do not need to bring anything. Materials are provided for all classes. If you wish to bring a notebook and stationary for note-taking, please do so. Can I bring my own materials?
You can refer to the class information if you would like to bring your own fabrics. Please bring woven soft cotton, non-stretchy, non-slippery medium weight material as it is much easier to sew than stretchy (eg: jersey and lycra knits) and lightweight (eg: chiffon and soft silk) fabric. Also, try not to bring expensive fabric. You can find cheap and nice ones at Joo Chiat Complex 1st floor (nearest to our location). When in doubt, buy in meters (1m = 100cm, 1yard = 91/91cm).

Rental & Buying of Sewing Machine

I don’t have a sewing machine at home. Can I rent a sewing station in your studio classroom?
Yes you can. Rates for an hour per station is $15/hr. This rate includes using the sewing machines (including overlocking machine) and sewing tools. Sewing notions like threads, bobbins, zips, buttons etc are not included so please bring your own. If you don’t have it, you are welcomed to purchase it from our store.
Do you sell sewing machines?
Yes, we sell Brother FS-101 Sewing Maching to our students at a special student rate – $450 with a complimentary sewing tool set (fabric scissors, dressmaking pins, sewing needles, tailor's chalks, measuring tape, seam ripper, thread cutter, basic black & white threads) from Alfya Atelier. Delivery will be an additional of $15 or you can self-collect at Alfya Atelier. Can I buy just the sewing tool set? We don't normally sell it. However, if you want it, you can have it for $25. You may ask our trainers in class (subject to availability).

Class Policies

I want to join your class but I need to breastfeed my baby every few hours, is it ok to bring my baby to the class? For mothers who need to breastfeed, you can bring your partner or someone to take care of your baby while you're in class. We have a lounge area (Sewcial Pantry @ Level 1) for your partner to sit with your baby. When you need to breastfeed, you can attend to your baby at the lounge area. However, you cannot bring your baby to class to ensure the productivity of our classes. How many students are there per class? For craft classes, we have a maximum of 8 students. For drafting classes, we have a maximum of 6 students. We maintain a low trainer to students ratio to ensure productivity of our classes. How many sign-ups are needed for a class to commence? For our series classes, we need a minimum 4 students to start a class. If there is less than 3 sign-ups, we reserve the rights to postpone the class or regroup you into another batch with prior notice. For our short classes, there is no minimum sign-up required. What happens if I come to class late? Our classes start and end on time. If you are running a little late, you can message the trainer in-charge and we could wait for you for no more than 15 minutes, depending on the class's speed & schedule. However, if you are over an hour late, you will need to reschedule your class. This is to ensure the productivity of the class is not compromised and fairness to other students. Can I opt to stay back after class to complete class assignments as I'm behind schedule as compared to the rest of the students in class? Yes, you can use the sewing machines at the Sewcial Pantry @ Level 1 for $15/hr to catch up. I am not able to continue the class for the time being due to personal issues. Is it possible for me to resume back at a later date? Yes, it is possible. Your make up classes will only be valid 2 months after your last attendance or your class end date, depending on which is earlier. Please view our Reschedule Class, No-show & Refund Policy for more information.

Alfya Tailoring

Tailoring Orders

Do you take tailoring orders?
Yes, we do take in tailoring orders. You can book an appointment with Mdm Khai (+65 9833 0885) via WhatsApp to discuss about design and get your measurments taken.
Is it possible for you to take tailoring orders from customer's place? Yes, it is possible! We could go over to your place to get your orders at a minimal fee. How much time does it take for a set of garment to be completed? You can send in your orders 2 months in advance. If your design is more elaborate with added trimmings and handstitching (e.g, bridalwear and special occasions), it will take a longer time. It is best to consult us right after you have the date of the occasion. How long does it take for my alteration orders to be completed? 1 week, depending on the complexity of your alteration. Do you take customised bridesmaid & bestmen outfits? Yes, we do. Our outfits start from $45 onwards. Package prices are available upon request. Are there trimmings available to add on to my outfits? Yes, we have a variety of lace and sequins trimmings. You can request to view them during your consultation. Do you take custom bags/non-apparel orders?
Yes, we do take in custom non-apparel orders as well. You can send to us your design, quantity and completion date to get a quotation.

Alfya Tailoring Location

We're located at 28 Senang Crescent, BizHub 28, #06-08, Singapore 416601. Click here for more information on how to get there. To book an appointment, please whatsapp Mdm Khai at +65 9833 0885.

Rental of Space

Terms and Conditions for Space Rental

1. Full payment must be made by Vendor to Alfya Atelier LLP 5 days upon receiving the invoice. If no payment is received, we have the rights to release your bookings. 2. We do accept last minute bookings according to your event (e.g, your event doesn’t require any catering or add-on services from us). Payment has to be made before the event date. For last minute bookings, in an event where there is another booking, priority will be given to the vendor who paid. 3. Please send a copy of the transaction receipt and quote the invoice number to Mdm Latifah @ 9632 0301 for proof of payment done. 4. If you wish to cancel your booking 1 month before the event date, we can refund you 70% of the booking fee. For last minute cancellation, strictly no refunds will be given. 5. For all bookings, we require a safety deposit of $50 which has to be made on the day of the event. Upon good care for all equipments and space, deposit will be refunded to you 24 hours later. 6. If you require manpower from us to arrange tables and chairs according to your set up, there will be a service fee of $100. 7. $50 cleaning fee is required for all bookings. 8. Set-up and tear down should be done within your rented timing. There is a 15 mins grace period before and after your booked timing. 9. In the event that you may want to extend your hours, please inform us via email asap, so we can check availability. If you exceed your booked timing, you will be charge at $35/hr (non-peak) and $50/hr (peak). 10. Vendors are to keep the area clean and ensure that all waste disposal is done proper (all to be thrown outside at the main rubbish bin facing the roadside). 11. Please arrange back the settings of the tables & chairs to the default layout. 12. Please ensure that your customers/students do not enter restricted areas such as our counter, office and cafe counter space. 13. Please ensure that belongings are kept properly. Alfya Atelier LLP will not be responsible for any loss of items. 14. Alfya Atelier LLP reserve the rights to change or add any of the Terms & Conditions at any point of time where applicable.

Embroidery Services

Limitations of Embroidery

How much do you charge for embroidery? Every design needs to be digitised (the process of converting existing artwork into stitch file) so that our embroidery machine could read it. Conversion starts from $15 for non-complicated designs. Then, we charge $5 per 1000 stitches. What is the file format you accept for conversion? The best would be PDF or AI, followed by JPEG, PNG and BMP. Please ensure your image is of high-quality and clear. My original artwork has 20 colours. Are you able to cater to that? The maximum amount of colours per design is only 8. Colours may not be true to artwork as we cannot customise the thread colour (as compared to how you do it on screen). Do allow one to two shades difference. I want to embroider one artwork in 2 different sizes, do I have to pay only once for the digitising? We charge $5 per size change. For e.g, conversion for size A costs $20. You’ll need to top up $5 for us to convert into size B. We can’t simply resize from one stitch file as it causes distortion. What is the smallest size of artwork are you able to embroider? We will need to test out smaller sizes first. If the size is too small, the end product might have threads bunching up at the back. Is it possible to embroider small wordings? If your wordings are too fine/thin, it might not appear as well on the embroidered product. Is it possible to embroider shoes? Unfortunately, we don't embroider shoes.

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