(from left) Lina, Khai, Fatanah, Rabia, Latifah

It was 1970s when Alfya, a mother of two, began tailoring clothes and selling them to make ends meet. Alfya’s granddaughter, Rabia, grew up watching her grandmother sew and developed an interest in sewing even when she specialised in Sciences. In 2017, Alfya’s two daughters and granddaughter left their jobs in a totally different industry to start an all-women business - Alfya Atelier. In hopes to spread the joy of sewing, we started a sewing academy and offer tailoring and alteration services.


A few years later, we craved for something more than just a sewing academy. In 2019, we launched a sister company, Sewcial Pantry, which aims to be an inclusive and sustainable local arts hub. Alfya Atelier expanded our services and now offer embroidery, fabric tours and prototyping. 

Now in 2020, we are working towards providing a contactless alteration and sewing services for you. Sew Senang is still in the beta-testing stage hence we would like your kind understanding should there be any teething issues. Your feedback means a lot to us to further improve this service and we will do our best to serve you :) 

Check out our services here: Alfya Atelier & Sew Senang.

(from left) Latifah, Rabia & Khai

Time for a formal photo everyone! 

A peek into our (real) meeting session

Alfya Atelier Sewing Academy

Alfya Tailoring & Alteration

Opening Hours: 

Tuesday to Saturday | 10am-6pm

28 Senang Crescent #06-08

Singapore 416601


To book a tailoring/alteration appointment, head over to www.sewsenang.com

Contact Us

    Rabia +65 9636 2182 (Business & Events)

    Khai +65 9833 0885 (Tailoring & PR)

    Latifah +9632 0301 (Space Rental)

    Lina +65 9826 8385 (Class Enquiries)


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